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U.S. World Class Taekwondo Association Programs

At US World Class Taekwondo Martial Arts of Hazel Dell we Build, Healthy, Happy, and Successful Leaders! Even young children can benefit from having more confidence, greater strength and improved self-control. Whether your children are in pre-school or making the transition to high school, there are numerous benefits to enrolling them in exciting, fun, Taekwondo (Martial Arts) classes.

Physical, Social and Academic Improvements

Taekwondo promotes an active lifestyle, but it also teaches self-control. The kids are impressed at what they can do when they concentrate, and that encourages them to focus more. Our program helps them stay in shape, and the boost in confidence benefits them at school, at home and when they are socialzing with friends.

Kids love coming to US World Class Taekwondo Martial Arts of Hazel Dell classes for a variety of reasons. They love learning how to effectively stop an attacker who is bigger than they are, but it’s so much more. Their balance improves, hand-eye coordination improves and their reflexes become faster, allowing them to perform better in all areas of their life. Parents love bringing their kids to our school because our curriculum teaches respect, discipline and self-control. They will begin to accomplish better grades at school, treat their siblings with more respect and even start following direction more consistently.The benefits of the curriculum at US World Class Taekwondo Martial Arts creates a foundation that will last a lifetime. Your child will come to love the fantastic sense of accomplishment that comes with working hard towards a goal and then achieving it. They will develop a drive to succeed in any situation that will help them in all areas of their lives for years to come.

We Pride Ourselves in the Whole Body Experience

Karate classes go far beyond teaching your child the basics of self-defense. Our classes will benefit your child’s body, mind and they will develop the warrior spirit of a Taekwondo black belt.
Tough Situations – Kids learn how to react if they are physically attacked, and they learn how to handle themselves when they are faced with a bully or peer pressure.
Fit, Active and Healthy – Children love to be active, and they don’t always have the opportunity to channel their energy. At US World Class Taekwondo Martial Arts of Hazel Dell, they will be moving throughout the lesson. Not only will kids who are overweight shed pounds, but they will also become stronger and more flexible.
strong>Self-Control and Discipline – We integrate the black belt philosophy into every lesson, so children will develop world class character and good habits. The best part is that they’re having fun in the process, so it doesn’t feel like a lesson.
Fun and Excitement – We make the classes fun so kids look forward to coming back.

Family Atmosphere and Caring Staff

We foster a caring community of staff and students here at US World Class Taekwondo Martial Arts of Hazel Dell. In addition to becoming more confident, your child will start to make new friends. These friendships are encouraged through a range of activities throughout the year. You can participate in as many or as your schedule allows, but most kids never want to miss a single one!
Buddy Night and Movie Night – Hang out, get to know the other kids and make new friends while playing games and doing amazing things.
Parents’ Night Out – Having trouble finding a sitter? Drop the kids off with us and go enjoy dinner and a movie. They’ll have a great time in a safe and nurturing environment with their friends.
Tournaments – Kids love showing off their awesome skills. When your child feels they are ready, tournaments allow them to showcase their skills, have a great time and maybe even earn some trophies.
Contests and Challenges – A little friendly competition keeps the kids interested, motivated and excited.

Kid Friendly and Helpful Staff

Here at US World Class Taekwondo Martial Arts of Hazel Dell, we hire instructors who are hightly skilled and who love working with kids. Our instructors want to see your child succeed, and they will work hard to help make it happen. Don’t wait another moment to sign your child up. Call today so your child can start feeling stronger, healthier and more confident tomorrow.